Full coverage without having to compromise gaming lounge layouts or visual appeal

CCTV Blinds spots can be an issue in gaming lounges, in most cases gaming / duty managers try to find the best compromise between aesthetics and functionality. When installing new or additional CCTV Cameras, placement can be a challenge.

This is primarily due to limitations caused by running cable into difficult areas such as high ceilings, as well as mounting options when it comes to decorative facades and lighting – Often found in gaming lounges. Additionally, clubs and gaming areas generally only have a few options when it comes to overcoming blind spots in a gaming area which are caused by floor layout and positioning of the Gaming machines.

In most cases cameras will be mounted on ceilings and walls to overcome this. The result is a compromise that can provide substandard coverage but that also keeps an optimal gaming machine layout. Integrated Gaming machines can also add an additional layer of complexity.

At Element Security, we have developed a discreet mounting solution to combat these challenges without changing the existing camera layout. We offer a customized fabrication service to suit the needs of each unique gaming lounge. Similarly we also have the ability to fabricate CCTV mounting solutions of varying heights & angles that are both discreet & aesthetically pleasing.

The result? Full coverage without having to compromise gaming lounge layouts or visual appeal.

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