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Operational insights

Uncover valuable insights and grow your business

Our constant adoption of the latest technology allows marketing and operational insights to be extracted through your security system.

We teach organisations how to transform video analytics into actionable intelligence. Using valuable insight regarding consumer analytics, visualising trends and traffic patterns, business owners can optimise aspects of their business.

We tailor our technologies to support various unique needs across industries and job roles. Whether for marketing, operations, facility management, food preparation, customer experience, and customer service teams – our technology helps teams thrive.

Increase your revenue

Create and implement targeted marketing campaigns by drawing upon accurate data made available via your security system.

Optimise your business

Optimise operational efficiency, better serve existing clients and attract new guests by assessing insights drawn from venue analytics.

Reduce costs

Reduce labour costs by drawing upon venue insights to look at past data to assist with management, rostering and resource allocation.

Solve business, operations, and security challenges

Security can help to deter crime, prevent theft, gather evidence, and lower your insurance premiums. However, security systems are capable of so much more. At Element Security, our advanced security solutions are capable of providing you with meaningful data to help you grow your business.

Our advanced technologies allow marketing, operational and venue insights to be extracted through your security system. Collecting behaviour, habits, traffic patterns and visit durations, our security systems help to improve the overall experience for your customers and employees. When it comes to operational insights, we can assist with:

  • Heat mapping
  • People counting
  • Visit durations/frequencies
  • Overcrowding monitoring
  • Traffic optimisation
  • Guest behaviour and experience

To learn more about how we can help

We show you how to maximise your security

Element Security can show you how to extract meaningful data from your security system and apply these insights to your organisation.

We pride ourselves on providing simple and easy-to-use technology and are committed to showing our customers how to get the most out of their security systems. We will provide you with industry-specific tailored demonstrations based on the goals you want to achieve for your business.

Whether optimising your customers’ experience, reducing costs and inefficiencies, or achieving a greater ROI, we show you how to extract insights via your security system to help you thrive.


“Element Security did a brilliant job selecting the best system for us, turning up when they said they were going to, installing and commissioning efficiently and effectively, leaving us with a great result. Highly recommended.”

Rick R&D Mining

“Have worked with Element Security at two licensed venues over the past five years. Their crew goes beyond what is required and is always happy to put in the extra yard. If you want up-to-date top-of-tree security at a fair price, go Element!”

Michael Stapleton Cronulla RSL

“I have been using Element Security for the last five years. I love innovative and forward-thinking professionals who always provide the best solution, especially when selecting the right technology and security systems.”

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