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Protect and safeguard your worksite with minimal fuss and interruptions.

Element Security are the construction site security and technology integration experts. Our advanced site security solution, SolarCam can help safeguard your worksite, deter criminals, and assist in protecting your business, assets, and investments.

Beyond security, our advanced technology integration can help revolutionise workplaces by automating complex and time-consuming processes such as check-ins, compliance, employee attendance, and contractor access.

All our solutions are customisable and scalable to suit businesses of all sizes. They can be tailored specifically to your unique requirements, whether you need basic site security or a partially automated worksite!

Rapid and hassle free deployment

Our construction site security solutions can be quickly installed and are simple to use, causing minimal disruption to your workflow.

Monitor safety and productivity

Spot hazards, identify inefficiencies and keep in control of your site at all times with remote access to live footage from any smart device.

Deter theft and vandalism

With deterrents like individual authentication, flashing lights and voice messages, intruders leave before they disrupt or steal from your site.

We provide construction sites with advanced security solutions.

Element Security has the specialised expertise, passion and commitment to provide construction sites with tailored security solutions. Our expert technicians are trained to deliver high-quality workmanship, seamlessly installing our site security without disrupting your site. We provide our customers with direct access to an experienced, friendly team member to assist with site security maintenance and management. Plus, SolarCam comes with 24-hour monitoring by our advanced monitoring centre, keeping your site protected at all times. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Element Security provides advanced security solutions tailored for the construction industry. Our key offering, SolarCam, is designed to safeguard construction sites effectively. It helps deter criminal activities, protects assets and investments, and ensures minimal disruption to work.

Beyond basic security, we integrate technology to streamline processes like check-ins and access control, making our solutions a comprehensive choice for construction site security.

Security systems for construction sites are essential in deterring theft and vandalism. They typically include deterrents like individual authentication, flashing lights, and voice messages that discourage intruders.

Advanced surveillance and monitoring can spot unauthorised access or suspicious activities, prompting immediate action to prevent theft and vandalism.

SolarCam, offered by Element Security, brings numerous benefits to construction site security. It’s a solar-powered system, making it environmentally friendly and easy to install in remote or power-limited areas.

The system provides real-time surveillance, deters theft and vandalism, and ensures the safety of the site around the clock. Its deployment causes minimal disruption, making it an efficient security solution for construction sites.

Yes, modern construction site security solutions offer more than just theft prevention. They enable site managers to monitor safety protocols, identify potential hazards, and ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Additionally, these systems can track productivity by observing workflow and employee activities, leading to more efficient site management.

Element Security’s approach to construction site security stands out due to our commitment to integrating advanced technology with traditional security measures. We understand the unique challenges of construction sites and offer solutions like SolarCam that are not only effective in security but also aid in automating complex processes.

Our customisable and scalable solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of each construction site, ensuring both safety and operational efficiency.

Technology integration in security solutions revolutionises construction sites by automating complex processes like check-ins, compliance checks, employee attendance, and contractor access. This automation enhances efficiency, reduces time spent on manual tasks, and improves overall site management.

Advanced technology also offers better data analysis and insights, aiding in decision-making and operational improvements.

Customisable security solutions are crucial for construction sites due to their varying sizes and specific needs. Tailored solutions ensure that every aspect of the site’s security requirements is addressed, from basic surveillance to advanced access control and process automation. Customisation allows for scalability and flexibility, accommodating changes as the construction project evolves.

Remote monitoring is a key feature in construction site security. It allows site managers and security personnel to view live footage from anywhere using smart devices. This capability is crucial for maintaining constant vigilance, ensuring safety, and quickly responding to any incidents or irregularities that occur on site, even when physically absent.

Rapid deployment is a significant advantage of modern construction site security solutions. Systems like SolarCam can be installed quickly and start functioning with minimal setup time, causing little to no disruption to the construction workflow.

This swift deployment is essential for maintaining uninterrupted construction progress while ensuring immediate security coverage.

Solar-powered security solutions, such as SolarCam, offer several advantages for construction sites. They are environmentally friendly, reduce dependence on external power sources, and are ideal for remote or off-grid locations. These systems are typically easy to install and maintain, providing a reliable and sustainable security solution for construction sites of any size.

Element Security is a preferred choice for construction site security due to our specialised expertise and commitment to providing tailored solutions. Our approach involves understanding the unique challenges of each construction site and delivering high-quality, advanced security systems like SolarCam.

Our 24-hour monitoring and dedicated support ensure that construction sites are protected at all times, making us a reliable partner in site security.

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Project heading


“Element Security did a brilliant job selecting the best system for us, turning up when they said they were going to, installing and commissioning efficiently and effectively, leaving us with a great result. Highly recommended.”

Rick R&D Mining

“Have worked with Element Security at two licensed venues over the past five years. Their crew goes beyond what is required and is always happy to put in the extra yard. If you want up-to-date top-of-tree security at a fair price, go Element!”

Michael Stapleton Cronulla RSL

“I have been using Element Security for the last five years. I love innovative and forward-thinking professionals who always provide the best solution, especially when selecting the right technology and security systems.”

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