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At Element Security we offer CCTV / IP Video Surveillance design and consulting services working with the establishment to find the best solution for their needs. This includes mapping out the venue and analysing the best possible camera locations for maximum coverage. We have 3D design software that we use to analyse CCTV camera angles, field of view and optimum range.

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At Element Security we only supply and install the latest in security technology from leading Australian suppliers to ensure we offer customers quality products and after-sales service. Including Vivotek, Dahua, Hikvision, Mobotics, Avigilon, Axis and Pacom to name a few. We can supply standard NVR’s and our in house technical team are also able to provide custom build servers and racks. Our highly qualified technical staff work to the highest standards, we pride ourselves in the quality of our workmanship from cabling through to fit-off and commissioning. Our technical personnel hold qualifications in the following: ASIAL Certified, NSW Police Force Issued Security Licences, Cabling Licences, Elevated Work Platform Certification, Building White Card Certification.

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Haven’t made the switch yet? At Element Security we can assist in upgrading your current analogue system to IP surveillance technology. We have extensive experience in these specific upgrades. We offer complete refits to staged upgrades using encoders. We specialise in removal of coaxial cable and CAT 6 replacement, future-proofing the new system. Not only are our new IP systems more reliable but they also offer better image quality and can be integrated with analytics software VMS systems. IP systems can also be integrated with Surveillance Status Check to ensure you are aware if your Surveillance System ever falls offline.

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At Element Security we offer 24/7 support and call-out services as well as phone support. Our service and support can be delivered through an official maintenance agreement or done ad-hoc when required, with our customers on maintenance agreements taking priority. Our service agreement generally includes a scheduled monthly call-out for general maintenance on the surveillance systems, and to check everything is working as it should.

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CCTV Cameras / IP Surveillance

As a business owner, having an adequate security system is essential. With CCTV surveillance, you can spend more time focusing on things that matter without worrying about theft or vandalism. Element security specialises in IP Surveillance Solutions and CCTV installation in Sydney. We offer a number of security solutions to meet the needs of home security and business security alike.

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IP Video Surveillance vs CCTV Installation

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) uses an analogue camera system that records video footage onto a local hard drive. Conversely, an IP security camera system records the footage and transmits it over an IP (internet protocol) network for storage and review if required. Aside from the way footage is stored and retrieved, there are a number of differences between the two systems which will need to be considered when selecting one for your home or business.

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IP Surveillance vs CCTV Video Quality

When it comes to video footage, quality and sharpness of the image is directly related to the number of pixels the camera can produce. An IP security camera is able to record in high definition with up to 10 megapixels, while a CCTV camera can usually only muster up to 0.4 megapixels. As a result, IP video surveillance systems provide a more detailed image.

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CCTV Installation vs IP Video Surveillance

IP surveillance systems need to be installed by someone with an intermediate level of networking knowledge, with large installations demanding more advanced networking and technical expertise. CCTV cameras, on the other hand, are quite easy to install as they do not need to be set up with a wireless network.

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Given the quality of the camera and difficulty of installation, it’s no surprise that IP systems will set you back more than a CCTV installation. However, they can be a more economical option in situations where one IP camera can cover an area that would normally require two or more CCTV cameras.

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Compare Surveillance Camera Systems

All in all, both forms of surveillance cameras provide effective security solutions.

The major advantage of IP technology is that it offers higher quality video and wireless compatibility; conversely, CCTV cameras are a more practical choice when it comes to operation, installation and cost.

As specialists in the field of home and business security, the Element Security team can provide professional advice on what surveillance camera system best suits your needs and budget.

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