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We’re proud to be one of Australia’s leading venue security providers.

Element Security specialises in creating and implementing tailored security solutions for pubs, clubs and venues. We’re committed to remaining at the forefront of the latest advances in security, finding new ways to make venues safer and operate more efficiently.

We believe in keeping our clients safe and ahead of their competition. Our advanced solutions for venues provide unmatched accuracy, transforming video surveillance into searchable, actionable and quantifiable insights. By tailoring our systems precisely for each venue’s needs, we help venues solve challenges, optimise their operations and marketing, and increase revenue.

Security tailored precisely for your venue

Every venue has unique requirements, so our flexible configurations and installations allow us to tailor and tweak everything to your exact needs.

Operational insights beyond security

Our constant adoption of the latest technology allows marketing, operational and venue insights to be extracted through your security system.

Unrivalled, round-the-clock support

Our service levels are legendary, and we’re proud to have one of the highest customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

We’re committed to providing venues with exceptional security solutions.

For over two decades, our passion for security and commitment to our clients has led us to become Australia’s leading security provider for pubs, clubs and venues. Our advanced solutions, including facial recognition, utilises AI technology and deep learning algorithms to detect, recognise and verify an individual’s identity in real-time, helping venues remain compliant. We apply our in-depth industry, technology and security expertise to create solutions that meet the unique needs of the hospitality industry.


All the industry-leading brands integrating together

Element Vision brings together industry-leading brands such as Vix Vizion, Star Compliance, OK2PLAY?, NX Witness, and more.

Through Element Vision, venues can incorporate added functionality into their security system, from simple CCTV / IP cameras to complex state-of-the-art features like facial recognition, all through one supplier.

We empower venues to operate efficiently and responsibly. Managed by a team of security experts, Element Vision provides the peace of mind that venues can seamlessly modernise their security system when required and, most importantly, effortlessly follow predefined protocols.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Element Security is a leading provider of bespoke security solutions for pubs and clubs in Australia. We specialise in designing and implementing tailored systems that address the unique challenges and needs of each venue.

Our solutions range from advanced video surveillance to AI-driven technologies like facial recognition, ensuring that each pub and club we serve benefits from the highest security standards.

Our approach sets us apart by focusing on tailor-made solutions and cutting-edge technology. We don’t just offer standard security measures; we provide systems designed specifically for each venue’s unique requirements.

This includes leveraging the latest advances in security technology, such as AI and facial recognition, to offer more than just safety – we deliver operational and marketing insights that help pubs and clubs stay ahead of the competition.

Absolutely. While our primary focus is security, the advanced technologies we employ, like AI-powered analytics, offer significant operational advantages.

Our systems can generate valuable insights into customer behaviour, peak operational times, and other key metrics, helping pubs and clubs optimise their operations and marketing strategies for increased efficiency and revenue.

We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service, which is reflected in our high customer satisfaction rates. Our support team is available round-the-clock, providing unrivalled assistance and ensuring that any issues are resolved swiftly and efficiently.

Our commitment to customer support is a cornerstone of our reputation as Australia’s leading security provider for venues.

Our facial recognition technology, part of our advanced security solutions, utilises AI and deep learning algorithms for real-time identity verification and detection.

This feature is particularly beneficial for pubs and clubs, as it enhances security, helps in maintaining compliance, and can be used to recognise flagged individuals, contributing to a safer venue experience.

When selecting a security system for a pub or club, it’s vital to consider features that address both safety and operational efficiency. Key features should include high-quality video surveillance, AI-powered analytics for crowd management, facial recognition for identifying individuals, and real-time monitoring.

Additionally, systems that offer insights into customer behaviour and operational efficiency can significantly benefit venue management.

Customisation is crucial in venue security, as each pub or club has unique challenges and requirements. Tailoring security solutions to the specific needs of a venue ensures optimal protection and operational efficiency.

This might include customising camera placement, integrating specific analytical features, or setting up bespoke alert systems.

Advanced surveillance systems in pubs and clubs provide a multitude of benefits. Beyond the basic function of monitoring for security breaches, these systems can offer high-definition footage for detailed incident analysis, enable crowd control measures, and even assist in emergency response scenarios.

They also act as a deterrent against potential criminal activities, thereby enhancing overall safety for patrons and staff.

Security systems in pubs and clubs play a pivotal role in ensuring compliance with legal regulations. They can be used to monitor and document incidents, maintain public safety, and verify age and identity, which are all crucial for adhering to licensing laws and regulations.

Proper documentation provided by these systems can also be invaluable in case of legal disputes or insurance claims.

Venue owners should consider several factors when upgrading their security system. These include the scalability of the system to match future expansion plans, the integration capabilities with existing technologies, the system’s ease of use and maintenance, and the level of technical support provided.

It’s also important to evaluate the latest security technologies and how they can address the specific challenges faced by their venue.

Real-time monitoring significantly enhances safety in pubs and clubs by providing immediate alerts to security personnel about potential threats or unusual activities. It allows for swift response to incidents, reduces the risk of escalation, and ensures a higher level of overall security.

This proactive approach is vital in managing large crowds and maintaining a safe environment for patrons and staff.

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Project heading


“Element Security did a brilliant job selecting the best system for us, turning up when they said they were going to, installing and commissioning efficiently and effectively, leaving us with a great result. Highly recommended.”

Rick R&D Mining

“Have worked with Element Security at two licensed venues over the past five years. Their crew goes beyond what is required and is always happy to put in the extra yard. If you want up-to-date top-of-tree security at a fair price, go Element!”

Michael Stapleton Cronulla RSL

“I have been using Element Security for the last five years. I love innovative and forward-thinking professionals who always provide the best solution, especially when selecting the right technology and security systems.”

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