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Element Security helps offices, franchises, and commercial buildings keep their employees, assets and premises safe. Our scalable security services are suitable for businesses of all sizes – from single-location businesses to national, multi-site networks and everything in between.

We have experience working across a range of industries, and our technology integration expertise can help your business draw operational insights from your security technology.

Customised and tailored to your unique needs

We can tailor our systems to fit the needs of any workplace, easily adapting our products to account for flexible working arrangements.

Easy to learn and simple to use

We know that your employees have different experience levels, so we make our solutions easy to learn and to operate.

Remote monitoring and review

Keep tabs on your workplace from wherever you are, with our cloud-based solutions, which can be accessed from any smart device, 24/7.

Security solutions tailored to the needs of your business.

Our team are experts at tailoring our security to meet the changing needs of different industries. Our highly trained and experienced technicians solve complex security challenges. We know that every company has unique requirements when it comes to security. Recognising this, we apply our expertise and training to create a solution that helps you and your employees feel safe and secure while protecting your assets.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Element Security offers a range of scalable security services tailored for commercial premises, including offices, franchises, and commercial buildings. Our expertise covers a wide array of industries, and we provide customised security solutions that ensure the safety of employees, assets, and premises.

Our services are adaptable for businesses of all sizes, from single-location establishments to national, multi-site networks.

Commercial security systems are essential in protecting businesses and franchises by deterring theft, vandalism, and unauthorised access. These systems monitor premises, safeguard assets, and ensure employee safety.

Advanced features like remote monitoring, access control, and surveillance cameras provide a comprehensive security solution that addresses various risks faced by commercial entities.

Customising security solutions for commercial environments ensures that each business’s unique security needs are met. Tailored solutions can accommodate specific risks, operational requirements, and workplace layouts. This customisation enhances the effectiveness of the security system, whether it’s for a small office or a large franchise, providing optimal protection and peace of mind.

Yes, commercial security systems can offer valuable operational insights. By integrating advanced technology, these systems can track and analyse movement within the premises, monitor employee attendance, and assess workflow efficiency. These insights can aid in operational decision-making, helping businesses to improve productivity and manage resources more effectively.

Element Security’s approach to commercial security stands out due to our focus on customisation and technology integration. We understand that every business has unique security needs, and we use our extensive experience across various industries to create tailored solutions.

Our commitment to providing easy-to-use, adaptable, and effective security systems makes us a preferred choice for commercial security needs.

Element Security prioritises ease of use in our security solutions, recognising that employees have varying levels of technical expertise. We design our systems to be straightforward and intuitive, ensuring that all employees can operate them effectively, regardless of their experience level.

This approach includes simplified interfaces, clear instructions, and accessible support, making our security systems both efficient and user-friendly.

Remote monitoring is a critical component of commercial security, offering the flexibility to oversee premises from anywhere, at any time. This feature allows business owners and security managers to access live feeds and receive alerts through cloud-based solutions on smart devices.

Remote monitoring enhances the security of commercial premises by ensuring continuous vigilance, even when the premises are unattended.

Yes, Element Security’s solutions are designed to adapt to the increasingly flexible working arrangements found in modern commercial settings. Our systems can be tailored to accommodate varying employee schedules, remote working scenarios, and fluctuating occupancy levels, ensuring consistent security coverage and adaptability to the dynamic nature of today’s workplaces.

Cloud-based security solutions offer several benefits for businesses, including scalability, remote accessibility, and real-time updates. They allow for easy integration with other systems and can be accessed from anywhere, providing flexibility and convenience.

Additionally, cloud-based solutions often come with lower upfront costs and reduced maintenance requirements, making them a cost-effective option for many businesses.

Element Security’s solutions are designed to support the changing needs of different industries by being highly adaptable and customisable. Our team, consisting of highly trained and experienced technicians, excels in solving complex security challenges unique to each industry.

We apply our expertise to create solutions that not only ensure safety and security but also enhance operational efficiency and compliance with industry-specific regulations.

Element Security is equipped to handle a wide range of security challenges for commercial premises. This includes managing risks such as burglary, vandalism, unauthorised access, and internal theft. We also address specific industry-related security concerns, offering solutions that are not only preventive but also aid in the overall management and efficiency of the business operations.

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“Element Security did a brilliant job selecting the best system for us, turning up when they said they were going to, installing and commissioning efficiently and effectively, leaving us with a great result. Highly recommended.”

Rick R&D Mining

“Have worked with Element Security at two licensed venues over the past five years. Their crew goes beyond what is required and is always happy to put in the extra yard. If you want up-to-date top-of-tree security at a fair price, go Element!”

Michael Stapleton Cronulla RSL

“I have been using Element Security for the last five years. I love innovative and forward-thinking professionals who always provide the best solution, especially when selecting the right technology and security systems.”

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