Construction Site Security Assessment

Don’t leave your construction site security to chance.

Prevent the burden of economic loss, timeline delays, excess wages and damaged business reputations with a Construction Site Security Assessment by Element Security.

The experts from Element Security will inspect your construction site and assess your security thoroughly. The outcome is a comprehensive report that covers a multitude of tests, combining the results to score your overall security out of 100. Recording notes and a series of images during the onsite assessment, we combine the data with our expert security knowledge to collate a report with ratings, recommendations and alerts to any urgent security risk.

Some businesses will use their internal team to action recommendations,
and others will request an external security expert, like Element Security,
to action the recommendations.

"Break-ins that were once weekly occurrences became incredibly rare."

When to book a Construction Site
Security Assessment

  • Moving to a new construction site;
  • Concerned about your site’s security;
  • Prior negative experience with break-ins;
  • Outdated security systems;
  • Concerns about the reliability of existing security;
  • Looking to save money on your insurance premiums;
  • Upsizing or upscaling your construction site;
  • Opening multiple construction sites;
  • Looking to simplify existing security measures and security procurement.

Our Site Security Assessment includes:

Discover the benefits for your construction site, team and your business

Deter criminals from accessing your site and protect your business from security breaches by recognising weaknesses in your existing security.

Keep your clients happy and projects progressing by avoiding delays in timelines caused by financial loss, breaches, break-ins and legal liabilities.

Stop wasting money on inadequate security, replacement materials and excess wages with proactive, reliable protection that safeguards all areas.

The process

Minimise and mitigate risk with a comprehensive assessment from security experts

1. On-site assessment
Our team attend to your site and assess your security, conducting tests,
taking photos, recording the results and asking questions to fill in the gaps.

2. Security report
We provide a comprehensive report which includes photos, ratings,
urgent security breaches, key improvements and recommendations.

3. Rectification
Select to use your internal team or Element Security to action recommendations and improve your site security.

Element Security can assist with your future security needs.


“Element Security did a brilliant job selecting the best system for us, turning up when they said they were going to, installing and commissioning efficiently and effectively, leaving us with a great result. Highly recommended.”

Rick R&D Mining

“Highly recommend Element Security. They provided a fast, reliable service at competitive prices. We are looking forward to working with you on other projects.”

Rory & Kerrie Marcus and Rose Manufacturing Pty Ltd

“Big thanks to the team at Element Security. They were very knowledgeable and informative. We are very pleased with our new security system. Looking forward to working with you on future projects.”

Matthew V Lorem ipsum

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