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Waterbook Bowral

Business: Waterbook Bowral

Client: Kevin Ryan

Industry: Developer

Service: Construction Site Solar Camera

Client background & environment

Challenging the stereotype of a retirement home, the Waterbrook development creates an upmarket sanctuary for retirees to socialise, relax and live every day like a holiday. The Bowral Lifestyle Resort encapsulates the goal of the Waterbrook development, adding a blend of excitement, relaxation and luxury to the lifestyle of retirees. Upon opening in mid-2023, the upscale resort will accommodate 145 residences as they embark on their new era of retirement.

The challenge

Located in a prestigious, semi-rural enclave in Bowral, the site was formerly known as Our Lady Of The Sacred Heart School. The site has a rich heritage, with ancient buildings and gardens that need to be preserved. The development planned to refurbish and remodel the existing historic buildings and gardens and build the villages around them. However, protecting the site from vandalism and damage would present its challenges.

Abandoned for many years, the site had become a hotspot for teenagers to gain entry illegally, loiter and cause issues illegally. Renowned online as a ‘haunted building,’ the area began to attract the curiosity of people from all surrounds.

Waterbook Bowral requirements

For construction to progress rapidly without disruption, Waterbrook required security that was reliable, high-tech, and proactive. Recording CCTV footage to play back later wouldn’t be enough. The security system needed to act as a deterrent and prevent thieves and vandalists from causing damage.

Waterbook owner, Kevin Ryan, contacted our team interested in our state of art video verification platform, SolarCam. Owner of a prestigious and incredibly upmarket development, Kevin made it clear there was no margin for error. They required a system with immediate verification that would dispatch the police instantly. But one step further, they needed a system that would scare off potential threats and allow the high-priced development to progress according to the timeline.

Our approach

For a project so extensive, a site inspection was an integral first step. Our team thoroughly examined the site, mapping out the locations where cameras would be required. As the site was remote, there was no power outlet, and the cameras would need to run entirely off solar. Fortunately, that’s how SolarCam thrives. We briefly introduced the solution and how it works, identifying the key features. Kevin was impressed that the flashing LED lights and voiceover feature would scare off intruders before they could cause distribution.

Over the course of three years, we’ve installed 18 Solar Cameras over 42 acres. Our team has travelled to and from the site throughout the project to relocate the cameras to accommodate ongoing construction requirements. The process requires little to no involvement from Kevin and the Waterbrook team as we manage their site security autonomously and efficiently.

Waterbook Bowral result

Within weeks of the installation, the downturn in intrusions was drastic. Break-ins that were once weekly occurrences became incredibly rare.

The prominent placement of the cameras in itself was enough to prevent attempted intrusions. However, if the odd thief tried their luck, SolarCam would detect the activity and notify the police immediately. Our team has footage of several attempted break-ins captured on camera, followed by police entering the site and making an arrest.

It’s safe to say that SolarCam has been an essential asset in the progression of the development. Following up with Kevin regularly, there’s no doubt Element Security will see this development through to completion and protect the ones that follow.

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