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Videofied alarm systems are renowned all over the world for protecting unattended open lots and warehouses.  The system takes aspects of an alarm system and a CCTV surveillance system and combines them. The Videofied motionviewer is a state of the art, self-powered wireless alarm with built in video verification for priority response.  Although it’s important to note this is not a CCTV camera system as such, in other words an owner cannot access the footage.

The PIR sensors have an inbuilt camera so when the sensor picks up motion it records a 10 second video clip of whatever incident has triggered the it. This footage is then sent to a back to base control room via the 3G/4G Network for review.  If the security monitoring operator can verify that there is in fact an intruder on the premises they will call the police to respond immediately.  This “two in one” security system has a massive advantage over a traditional alarm system because alarm monitoring control rooms are not authorised to request police attendance when an alarm goes off without first having video verification.

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Element Security provides Videofied and CCTV installation Sydney. 

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Additional Advantages

It is well known that construction site security surveillance can be problematic, as some areas are not safely accessible for security patrol. This product is the perfect solution for construction site security monitoring, agricultural security, vacant lots, warehouses, roofs, scrapyards and the like, specially designed to brave the elements. These can be portable security cameras on construction sites as well as many other properties, and therefore have the flexibility to be moved and installed at different areas as the need arises. Video verification also eliminates expensive false alarms usually associated with vacant property security systems. The products are a low maintenance and cost effective security solution with endless property applications. It is completely wire free and battery operated.

One of the most advanced security systems available today.

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  • Enhancement for Security Guard Patrol Services
  • Farm Security Cameras
  • Copper Theft prevention
  • Vacant Property Security
  • Outdoor Home Security cameras
  • Retail
  • Warehouses
  • Wireless Construction Site Security
  • Rooftops
  • Scrap yards
  • Car Dealerships
  • Mines and Quarries
  • Power Stations