The Benefits of “Cloud Based Surveillance”

As with most industries these days, cloud-based offerings are becoming more and more prominent, And IP Video Surveillance is no exception. There is now a whole array of options when it comes to cloud Surveillance for both home security and business security applications.

Why “Cloud Based Recording” over the traditional NVR?

  1. Initial Cost – NVR’s are still relatively expensive as are hard drives. A cloud-based solution offers you practically no initial capital outlay, instead you simply pay the monthly service fee.
  2. Scalability – Cloud Solutions are typically far easier to scale than traditional NVR based storage, if you add more cctv cameras or upgrade cctv cameras to record at a higher quality, cloud solutions are simpler to scale, no need to buy additional NVR’s or Hard drives, all you simply do is upgrade your plan.
  3. Health Monitoring – Cloud based systems have the ability to alert you when there is an issue with a camera or video feed, while this can be done on traditional systems it is far more complex and requires a lot of additional setup.
  4. Maintenance & Backup – With Cloud solutions all maintenance is done for you so no need to hassle with software upgrades or reliability issues. Since it’s cloud based, doing backups also becomes a non-issue.
  5. Plug & Play – Cloud based solutions tend to be far simpler to setup and configure, and most are plug & play. They are also simple to get linked to your smartphone.
  6. Ease of Access from any Device – Cloud solutions offer easy access to your surveillance system from most Tablets, PC’s and Smartphones. Provided you have the right credentials you should be able to access and view your surveillance system from anywhere.
  7. Better Physical Security – Since there is no physical recording device onsite it makes your surveillance system more secure, you won’t find yourself in a situation where an intruder simply finds your NVR and disconnects it or takes it with them.
  8. Better Internet Security – It’s a common misconception that Cloud Solutions are less secure than a physical NVR, but the opposite is true if you use “port forwarding” to get remote access to your NVR. This opens up a security risks from hackers, not only to your surveillance system but also to your internal network.

By Jeff Bradford, Element Security