No more false alarms on your construction site with our advanced AI CCTV solution. 

A proud partner of the ICU SolarCam solution.

Filters False Alarms

We use the latest AI technology to process thousands of videos and images in an instant and determine what action to take, to ignore or to take action.

Monitored 24/7

Your CCTV events are monitored by our operators 24/7. You are only ever contacted with verified intrusions.

Monitor Remotely

Easily watch over your vicinity from anywhere and be reassured that everything is in working order.

Day & Night

Monitor 24/7 and receive smart notifications with actual footage that triggered the suspicious activity alarm.

No False Alarms, Just Results

The majority of times people attempt to enter your site you will be sleeping. That’s why companies leave it to the professionals to watch and act on their behalf.

We monitor day and night using the latest technology to determine escalation. Rest assured your site is monitored 24/7 – rain, hail or shine.

How it works


More than just an alarm.

The ability to view any location remotely can greatly improve your productivity & safety with any type of business if you’re a builder/developer or even if you are protecting public parks & gardens.

Rewind the footage to verify incidents or check that company policy and safety procedures were followed can be a valuable resource, particularly for workers operating in hazardous environments or working alone in remote areas.

All our cameras report back to base with LIVE 24/7 Monitoring.

The most intelligent site security system on the market

No nuisance alarm events

Focus on solutions where the only notifications you’ll get are actionable events.

Element Security’s cameras automatically analyses footage and ignores ‘false positive alarms’ like cats or dogs. If a suspicious person is identified, the data is uploaded to the cloud and sends to the operator. The operator notifies the customers in return.

No more wind-blowing false alarms using old PIR technology.

Element Security & ICU SolarCam bring our clients the best solutions at an affordable price.

A system built from the ground up in Australia to suit the Australian environment.



Millions of dollars are lost on building sites through theft and vandalism. Thieves are  resourceful and anything on a building site is vulnerable, e.g. tools, materials, timber and especially white goods/appliances.

Illegal Dumping

The problem of illegal dumping continues to challenge Australian councils. 24/7 monitoring can reduce opportunistic dumping and hold waste transporters to account.

Off-grid sites

Element Security provides a cost-effective remote monitoring solution that can be deployed in the remotest of locations without continual mains power, using inbuilt batteries and solar power generation.


Live feeds from essential infrastructure in remote sites helps improve security and limits vandalism.


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