Security Licensing in NSW and Why it Matters

security technician installing CCTV camera close up

If you would like a security system installed in your home, business or club, whether it be an Alarm or CCTV System. It should be supplied and installed by a company with a Master Security Licence and Technician with an Individual Security licence.

The Security Licencing & Enforcement Directorate (SLED), a department of the NSW Police, are responsible for the issuing of both Individual and Master Security licences.

To gain a Master Security Licence a company must adhere to a certain code of conduct and all employees inside that company must be of “good character” have no affiliations with criminal 3rd parties and not have a criminal record.

This is particularly important when choosing a Security Company to complete your Security Alarm or CCTV installation, as your chosen provider will have detailed information about your security system including sensitive information such as; Installer Codes & Access Information. SLED also verifies that the company has all the necessary insurances should anything go wrong.

The Technician who completes your installation must also hold an Individual Security Licence. To obtain a NSW Individual Security Licence, the technician must apply for, and provide all necessary compliance documents. They must also go through a full criminal history check with the NSW Police force including fingerprints and must be of good character. A Security Technician must also provide proof that he or she has completed the necessary training and is qualified to operate as a security technician, this may include additional qualifications like:

  • Electrotechnology certification
  • Security Installation recognised courses
  • Open Cabling Licence
  • Construction White Card

The general public is typically unaware of the Security Licencing requirements, and in some cases, it is overlooked. This allows the “Handyman” or household “Electrician” to provide these services usually at sub-standard quality and at an unknown risk to the client. How is your confidential information being handled by the un-licenced, inexperienced installer?