NX Witness: The ideal video management solution for club and pub security

Pubs and clubs have unique security requirements in comparison to other industries. Typically large-scale, with various sections and management teams, pubs and clubs require a tailored security system that is equipped with specific capabilities. When security experts specialising in the hospitality industry compared the NX Witness server-based video management system with the NVR-based system, NX Witness was the preferred option for pubs and clubs for several reasons.

To help you understand the range of available security solutions and make the right choice for your venue, we’ve outlined the benefits of NX Witness when compared with NVR-based systems.


Firstly, clubs and pubs often require many cameras to cover extensive areas. NX Witness server-based system can accommodate a higher number of cameras and storage capacity by leveraging the servers’ processing power and utilising network-attached storage (NAS) devices or cloud storage. As with NVR-based systems, the hardware limitations restrict the number of cameras and storage capacity. The scalability feature offers expanded surveillance infrastructure which supports the growth of venues.


NVR-based systems typically work with specific camera brands or camera types, which can be limiting. NX Witness provides flexibility and is supported by a wide range of camera models and manufacturers. This flexibility allows the security team completing the installation to choose the most suitable cameras for each specific environment.

Third-party integration

The system’s integration capabilities with third-party security systems, such as access control, alarms, and analytics, allow for the creation of a comprehensive security solution tailored to the unique needs of club and pub venues.


The server-based architecture of NX Witness enhances reliability by offering redundant servers and failover configurations. In an NVR-based system, the failure of a single NVR can result in the loss of video data from multiple cameras. However, the NX Witness server-based system ensures continuous video recording and playback even in the event of hardware failures, minimising the risk of data loss and providing a more robust and reliable security solution.

Centralised management capabilities

The NX Witness system’s centralised management capabilities significantly benefit a venue’s operation. The security team monitoring your venue can efficiently manage multiple clubs and pubs simultaneously, always keeping a close eye on your venue’s security.

Monitoring and managing cameras and video footage can be complex and time-consuming with an NVR-based system. NX Witness allows your security team to efficiently monitor and manage their entire video surveillance infrastructure from a single interface. With a centralised management system, the NX Witness takes less time or complex knowledge to manage, streamlining operations and reducing the risk of error,

Enhanced performance and analytics capabilities

Enhanced performance and analytics capabilities of the NX Witness server-based system offer valuable insights for pubs and clubs. The server’s processing power enables advanced video analytics, including object recognition, facial recognition, and behaviour analysis. These analytics provide venues with actionable insights to improve their operations and proactively identify potential security threats or incidents in real-time.

In conclusion, security experts’ preference for the NX Witness server-based video management system over an NVR-based system is driven by the system’s scalability, flexibility, reliability, centralised management, and enhanced performance. These features align with the specific needs of club and pub security, enabling security experts to build a robust and efficient video surveillance infrastructure that meets the challenges of this specialised industry.

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