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An unrivalled level of security. Whether it’s your home or your business, we give you the peace of mind knowing that your property is being looked over at all times, so that any problems that may arise will be dealt with immediately.

At Element Security, our teams works all day and all night to ensure that our clients remain safe and secure at all times. For a superior level of service that is second to none, choose Element Security.

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At Element Security, we are proud to be known as the number one destination when it comes to monitored security systems and other security solutions in Australia.  Our solutions are the perfect choice for you. We provide the peace of mind knowing that you will be looked after by professionals with unrivaled experience and expertise when it comes to keeping homes and businesses safe and secure.

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With our monitored security systems, your home or business security system will be monitored by our Security Control Centre 24/7. All Security Specialists are trained professionals who deliver immediate support all day, every day. Should your Alarm System be activated, Element Security will:

Immediately receive notification that the alarm has been activated on-site.

Contact you or your emergency contacts and – if required – the relevant emergency services department.

If requested, we have patrols on standby for attendance to site.

Our security centre is located in Australia and Element Security provides nationwide, round the clock support to its customers.

Having the confidence that security cameras are keeping a vigilant eye on your office / site / facility at all times means that you can focus on what’s really important – business operations. Element Security offers IP and CCTV Video surveillance options depending on your needs and preference.