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License plates can be used for so much more than identification and registration purposes. They bring to life the pattern of your customers and /or employees.

It’s becoming more and more of a minimum requirement for license plates to be captured for identification and registration processes. Companies scan license plates and run the extracted data through them to their back-end database. Writing or typing them into a device has become a thing of the past. License Plate Recognition Software (LPRS) works lightning fast with great accuracy.


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As IP Surveillance (CCTV) business intelligence capabilities have improved, has your business taken advantage it yet?

Rolling out License Plate Recognition Software

When it comes to deployment, the process of consulting, designing, building and implementing the right LPRS solution means that choosing a professional resource you can trust is critical. Australia has rigorous standards when it comes to capturing and storing data. There are standards around accuracy, privacy and security, that are critical for your business security. This needs to be thought out and well planned before deployment.

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What puts Element Security & LPR Systems above the rest is its reliability and the amount of development work that has already been done to make the solution suitable for the Australian market. Australia does not have a standard licence plate format for all the states, so unique algorithms had to be written to overcome these issues. Vivotek Australia in conjunction with the development team in Taiwan have built a robust solution for the Australian market that overcomes these challenges.

Some common Australian use cases:

  • RSL Clubs & Pubs to alert staff of VIP’s in attendance.
  • Concierge services at premier golf, sporting and country clubs.
  • Monitoring illegal dumping in remote locations for Councils.
  • Vehicle protection and theft prevention.
  • Enforcing OH&S compliance at busy loading docks.
  • Enforcing safety requirements at building or mine sites.
  • Road maintenance.
  • Automated parking payment solutions for Shopping centres.
  • Calculating ROI of marketing activities in the retail environment.
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A few questions to ask before deployment

  • How will we maintain the hardware and software moving forward?
  • How often is the system tested and how do we test it?
  • How do we deploy a secure system?
  • How do we access the data and in what format?
  • How do we find a reputable systems integrator with experience in this field?


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There are many opportunities for License Plate Recognition Software to improve your business.

  • Business insight

There are numerous insights to consider such as parking metrics around days and times visited, length of stay, frequency etc. Patterns start to emerge that you can use when planning your business resources. You can even get on the front foot and start getting predictive around busy or quiet times. Plan maintenance around times when you expect low traffic or drive marketing initiates at quiet times to increase traffic.

  • Security

Having a database of vehicles when incidents have occurred on a premises is becoming more and more critical. Making sure its aligned to your video analytics software is also important

  • Artificial Intelligence

Implementing rules and parameters is very useful. Allowing automatic entry/exit for authorised vehicles saves time.

  • Warning Systems

It’s important to have a warning system in place for unrecognised vehicles in restricted areas

  • Monitoring

Traffic monitoring and recognition builds a database where your business can gain insights for busy times/days. Other patterns start to emerge when overlaying weather patterns marketing initiatives. Do you understand your repeat customers? Is customer loyalty important for your business to understand and leverage?

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Want LPR and unprecedented insight into your business?