Latest advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and video surveillance

Avigilon Corporation is a trusted security solutions provider which manufactures and develops advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and video surveillance. The company previewed the new Avigilon Face and Vehicle Appearance Search video analytics technologies at CES.

Two significant new features within Avigilon’s deep learning AI search engine, Avigilon Appearance search technology, has allowed users to save time and effort during crucial investigations that involves examining CCTV footage.

Avigilon Face Appearance Search Technology

Avigilon Face Appearance Search technology enables operators to search for a person using deep neural networks for face analytics, which is done by incorporating the unique characteristics of a face to find similar CCTV footage of that person across a site.

Even if other characteristics of a person’s appearance change over time, such as clothing, hair or head accessories, the technology recognises that it is searching for the same face. For security operators, it increases the efficiency and precision of investigations.

Avigilon Vehicle Appearance Search Technology

Searching through recorded CCTV footage and finding a specific vehicle is made easier through using Avigilon Vehicle Appearance Search technology. It is designed to provide security operators with critical information, such as where and when a specific vehicle was before, during or after an event.

Dr. Mahesh Saptharishi, Avigilon’s Chief Technology Officer, suggests that Avigilon essentially aims to redefine the way customers interact with their video surveillance systems and to allow these systems to influence effective decision-making. This is achieved through the company continuing to be at the frontline of developing deep learning AI technology

Both Avigilon Face and Vehicle Search have been designed to be part of Avigilon Appearance Search technology and will be incorporated with Avigilon’s CCTV, video surveillance and other video analytics solutions. Existing Avigilon customers will be able to upgrade certain products to benefit from these new advanced technologies. 

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