24 hour gym security systems ingrate solutions to combat “tailgating”

An integrated security solution to combat “Tailgating” at 24-hour fitness facilities

24-hour fitness facilities have a very unique problem – how do they give their clients 24-hour access to their facility, while maintaining the integrity of their membership and ensuring non-members aren’t gaining access by “Tailgating” another member in.

It’s simply not feasible from a cost point of view to have a Fitness Facility manned 24 hours a day. An automated access security system that could detect when more than one person entered a facility on a single access card is a far more cost-effective option.

At Element Security, we solve this problem by first installing a VIVOTEK SC8131 stereo counting camera, armed with VIVOTEK’s 3D Depth Technology. This is far more accurate than traditional entry sensors as it can pick up multiple people entering even when they enter at exactly the same time.

The SC8131 then reports any multiple entry instances and what time they occurred to the owner, which can be cross referenced with the Paxton Net 2 access control system and Clubware software to identify the access card that was used and the member it belongs to. The system then automatically creates a link to a video clip recorded by an IP surveillance /  CCTV camera located at the entry point that then shows the incident, in this case we used a Dahua IPC-D-4T.

The owner of the facility now has verification that a multiple entry incident has occurred, he can identify the user access card that was used and has video verification of the incident as it happened.

Client: Primal Fitness


By Jeff Bradford Element Security

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