Inside the mind of a thief. The benefits of a monitored alarm system.

the benefits of a monitored home alarm system interview with a professional thief

Inside the mind of a thief. The benefits of a monitored alarm system.

This is an interview done by a US police officer with a convicted professional thief (by his own admission). He makes a lot of good points about home security in general. We found his outlook on Monitored Alarm Systems particularly interesting, and although this was conducted in the US, this sentiment holds true even in the Australian market.

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Most home invaders or professional burglars are not intimidated by home alarm systems. In fact, there is data to suggest, in some cases, an intruder might target a property with a home security system over one without, on the premise that there something of value worth protecting.

Generally, a professional will avoid monitored home alarms systems. Simply put, they wouldn’t want to be identified, or run the risk of being confronted and using violence to escape a situation.

So what process would an intruder follow to ascertain if a potential property was secured without a monitored security alarm? The reality is, it’s far too simple.

Identify a property were the owners aren’t home, disconnect the main circuit breaker to the property and wait. If the home is armed with a monitored alarm system the owner or assigned contact will be notified that the power has been disconnected. Following this, the alert is attended to by a responsible party or a security patrol sent by the 24 hour monitoring station.

Should no one show up, the intruder is assured the property has no back to base monitoring, and the home alarm system is only for show.

The intruder can either wait for the back-up battery to run flat, rendering the home alarm useless, or simply disconnect the siren and strobe and break in. If there is a screamer (the indoor siren) it can be quickly identified and disconnected.

Alternatively, they could disconnect the phone line or NBN Connection and follow the same process. Although this method is almost obsolete with the introduction of 3G/4G back to base communicators. The Thief in the video refers to them as wireless home alarms.

The fact of the matter is, there is very little value in spending money on an alarm system if it is not monitored. If you really have something to protect and want to save on insurance only a monitored system is really secure. Don’t be fooled into a false sense of security. In some cases, a non monitored alarm system could deter an amateur, perhaps some youths having fun or an opportunist. However, in most cases most cases if alarm system is triggered few bother to investigate, and most neighbours respond with annoyance rather than concern. Realistically even a good neighbour should be apprehensive at putting themselves in harms way by confronting an intruder. If you really want a comprehensive security alarm system add alarm monitoring to your home alarm.