Wireless Paradox Alarm Systems with 24 Hour Back to Base Monitoring

Home alarm monitoring is the best way to protect your family and your home. Statistically, a quarter of all intrusions take place while the occupants are still at home. Being able to rely on monitored alarm systems gives you peace of mind, knowing that your security system reports to a monitoring centre, ensuring your protection.

Using the technology available these days your alarm system can report back to base via GSM and GPRS networks, or a telephone line. As NBN is fast becoming a reality, Paradox can ensure several ways to report to your local alarm monitoring centre.  All Element Security home alarm systems are packaged with 24 hour security monitoring.

For over 25 years Paradox have been a leader in home security systems and business alarm systems. Paradox designed wireless paradox alarm systems, among others, by researching the needs of its customers, allowing it to be one of the most flexible and reliable alarms systems on the market.

Paradox have made certain its security system meets all the Australian regulatory requirements without compromising the needs of the customer.

Paradox security alarm system features

  • A Wireless home alarm system to meet all installation requirements
  • Alarm systems available from 5 to 32 Alarm Zones
  • Smart User Interfaces
  • Wireless remote codepads
  • Wireless repeaters to easily secure large properties
  • Back to base monitoring
  • 2 way remote controls
  • NBN Compliant

Manage your home with the use of Smart phone apps that allow you to arm and disarm your home alarm system, away from home, close you garage door or operate automated home devices.

You can also be notified when the kids get home from school or activate a panic or duress alarm. There are several attractive codepads to choose from:

The TM50 is an easy to use alarm system control panel.

Simple icons make it easy to configure, whilst the alarm conditions fault reports and user access are displayed in a straight forward format.  Controls like panic and duress conditions, arming and output control are all managed through the interface. The most comprehensive yet effortless alarm system.

K32 LCD Codepad

Arm, disarm, panic and duress settings are all easily controlled through the LCD display that provides a full system status. This Paradox security alarm system is straightforward to use and configure.

K10 LED Codepad

The Paradox alarm system utilises an LED display for controlling your home alarm security. Use it in a horizontal or vertical set up. Comes with arm, disarm, panic and duress options.

Paradox Alarms also provide the REM 15 and REM 2 remote controls.

The REM 15 is a multifunction remote and that can arm, disarm, send a panic notification and set up to operate garage doors and home automation. The REM2 houses all the features of the REM15 and also includes the two-way notifications from the system. Your system status is shown on the hand held remote.

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