South Australia’s health department removes all Hikvision IP surveillance cameras due to security concerns

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Announced this week South Australia’s health department is removing from its buildings all IP surveillance cameras made by a Hikvision due to security concerns. The department will remove all installed CCTV cameras made by Hikvision, a partially state-owned Chinese surveillance technology company, from its public hospitals and nursing homes.

But despite the warnings, Hikvision cameras continue to operate in other government buildings across the country, including NSW health facilities where there is no plan to remove them.

Hikvision surveillance cameras have been flagged as a potential security risk by federal agencies. In 2018, the Australian Defence Force removed Hikvision cameras from its bases.

What most consumers don’t realize is the brand “Hikvision” is not the only problem, as the company also builds OEM re-branded cameras for many other companies like,


  • 2M CCTV
  • 3xLogic
  • ABUS
  • Activecam
  • ADJ
  • Advidia (Video Insight / Panasonic brand)
  • Alibi (Supercircuits)
  • Allnet
  • Alula
  • Anaveo
  • Annke
  • Arcdyn
  • Armix
  • Aventura Technologies + criminal charges for fake manufacturing
  • Avue
  • Cantek
  • CCTVStar
  • Dax Networks
  • DMP
  • Dodwell BMS
  • DSS
  • Dunlop
  • DVR Unlimited
  • Ellipse Security
  • Epcom
  • Esypop
  • Ezviz
  • Global Network Security
  • GovComm Intelligent Transportation Systems
  • Grundig
  • GVS Security
  • Hinovision
  • Hitachi
  • Hitosino
  • Hunt CCTV
  • Hyundai Security
  • Infinite Pixels
  • Inkovideo
  • Innekt
  • Interlogix (UTC)
  • Invidtech
  • IP Cam Talk
  • JFL
  • Jlinks
  • LaView
  • LTS
  • Matrix Security Solutions
  • MicroView
  • Nelly’s Security
  • Norelco SafeCam / Spider Vue / Invezia
  • Northern (Tri-Ed / Anixter)
  • Novicam
  • NTT
  • Oculur / A1 Security Cameras
  • Onix
  • Pnet
  • Power Technology
  • Raster
  • RVi
  • Safety Vision
  • Safire
  • Scati
  • SecurityTronix
  • Sentry CCTV
  • Sharp
  • Siqura / TKH
  • SnapAV / Luma
  • Space Technology
  • Syscom
  • Technomate
  • Toshiba
  • Trendnet
  • Vantage Security
  • Vezco CCTV
  • Videoteknika
  • Winic
  • Xyclop
  • Zicom


So while you may decide install a Hikvision CCTV IP surveillance system, over security concerns, you might still end up with “Hikvision”. Most of the time the rebranding information is not transparent (re-branded Hik), and the product information is difficult to attain. The only way you can be guaranteed you are not getting a Hik re-brand is to contact a professional security company and ask the question is my CCTV IP surveillance system a Hik rebrand?