Element Vision:
Facial recognition for clubs and pubs

All in one solution for your venue’s compliance

Element Vision is an all-in-one platform that streamlines identity facial recognition for venues, harm minimisation, and real-time data analysis, helping gaming venues comply with legislation and industry best practices. With over a decade of experience managing venue electronic security and an in-depth understanding of self-exclusion, AML and other banned patrons, we help you streamline your venue’s compliance needs.

Our trained experts will install the required hardware and implement your MVSE list into the facial recognition system. With installation done by well qualified professionals and the system taking charge, this alleviates the need for you to remember numerous banned patrons and help you remain confident in the continued smooth operation of your security system.

"Why not let technology streamline your venue's compliance?"

All the industry-leading brands integrating together

Element Vision brings together industry-leading brands such as Vix Vizion, Star Compliance, OK2PLAY?, NX Witness, and more.

Through Element Vision, venues can incorporate added functionality into their security system, from simple CCTV / IP cameras to complex state-of-the-art features like facial recognition, all through one supplier.

We empower venues to operate efficiently and responsibly. Managed by a team of security experts, Element Vision provides the peace of mind that venues can seamlessly modernise their security system when required and, most importantly, effortlessly follow predefined protocols.

With Element Vision, you can:

Facial recognition detects self-excluded and banned patrons with minimal effort, removing any element of doubt.

From harm minimisation to video management systems, we help you integrate new software and technology.

Our well-qualified professionals will ensure that the installation process is both seamless and well executed.

Take the lead on your facial recognition for venues compliance

Driven by the gaming industry’s mandatory adherence to an ever-changing set of regulations, recommended best practices and evolving technology, we created a solution to help venues meet such demands.

More often than not, two, three, or more systems are needed to achieve the required outcomes. Managing all these systems poses significant challenges.

Element Vision integrates industry-leading systems, allowing seamless and efficient management, saving time and resources. Empowering gaming venues to operate more efficiently and responsibly, Element Vision creates a safer and more secure environment for their patrons while adhering to evolving stringent legal requirements.

Take the lead on your venue’s compliance. What are you waiting for?

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Your privacy is our priority

Our software has been engineered with privacy principles as a priority. Our facial recognition system can be installed on-premises and can be removed whenever required.

Let's streamline your venue's compliance

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