Dome Camera vs Bullet CCTV Camera (IP Camera’s)

Dome vs Bullet CCTV Camera (IP Camera’s)

When considering whether to buy a Dome CCTV Camera FD9381-HTV or Bullet Camera, it is fairly simple these days. A few years back Bullet Cameras were better at covering longer distances and generally had better focal range and low light performance due to their larger lenses, but with developments in technology, the difference in image quality is negligible these days.

So, what should you consider when choosing between the two, some would argue the next main factor to consider is where is it being mounted. If it’s on a wall, a bullet camera is the best choice and if it’s on the ceiling, a dome camera is the best way to go. However, these days we can easily mount a dome on a wall and a bullet on a ceiling so that doesn’t really hold up any more either.

What does it come down to? These days it’s about 3 main factors “Passive Intent”, Aesthetics and Maintenance.

  • Passive Intent” is about how obvious the camera is, i.e. do you want people to know they are being recorded or would you prefer something less intrusive and blends-in a little better. A warehouse is a good environment for bullet cameras as potential criminals would see them and know they were under surveillance, there is absolutely nothing subtle about a bullet camera. RSL club security, Restaurant or Bar security however, a dome would be a better choice as the blend in and is less obvious and doesn’t give your patrons the feeling they are being “watched”.
  • Aesthetics this is a follow on from my previous point but dome cameras blend in and can be quite small & sleek which just looks better in a lot of environments. Bullets cameras are not that nice to look at, they are a bit ugly to be honest and would ruin the look of a lot of environments.
  • Maintenance You just can’t beat a dome camera when it comes to maintenance particularly if you go for a metal body vandal proof dome camera. It’s obvious, all the components are contained in a weather proof sealed case that protects them from the elements and as a result, they do last longer and require less maintenance.

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