CCTV Heat Mapping Analytics for RSL & Sports Clubs

What is Heat Mapping?

A heat-map is a 2D or 3D map that can be generated by CCTV cameras in a specific venue, heat-maps highlight areas of high foot traffic vs areas of low foot traffic over a specific period. These maps are produced using analytic software on the VMS. Like most heat mapping software applications, the areas of highest traffic are displayed in Red and Lowest in Blue.

Why use heat mapping in an RSL or Sports club?


Heat mapping data can help Club Managers and CEO’s make better decisions on how to layout their club, by understanding your clubs foot traffic you can make informed decisions on where to place future assets or services in the club. An example would be a new set of Poker machines or perhaps an additional serving area.

Marketing ROI

The data can also be used to assist club managers in measuring the ROI of various marketing activities by comparing heat maps on days when promotions are run with legacy heat-map data. The data is also useful when deciding where to allocate marketing spend as well as allocating marketing budgets for the year.

More Efficient Management of Human Resources

Heat-mapping data allows Club Managers to better utilize their human resources, by knowing when certain areas are busiest you can allocate staff to those areas to make sure customers are being served within a reasonable time frame. An example would be allocating more staff to the bistro areas between 5-7 PM when they are the busiest, and then re-allocating some of those staff members to the Bar from 7-10 PM when the foot traffic moves into those areas.

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