Intercoms and Access Control

Enjoy the benefits of a professionally designed and installed Building Access Control System to protect your home or business. The combined deterrents of access monitoring, 24/7 Security Monitoring and IP/CCTV recording result in:

Reduced employee theft – all access is recorded with a traceable audit trail.
No unauthorised access outside of office hours.
Reduced break-and-enters.
Fewer HSE incidents and WorkCover claims – access controls can be set to restrict access to dangerous areas such as construction zones, laboratories or warehouses.
Other benefits include:

Customisation / configuration of building or workplace access requirements to allow flexible workplace arrangements. For example, employees can be granted access on weekends / Public Holidays / outside office hours.
Legal and regulatory compliance, particularly in industries where hours of access and operation are clearly defined such as financial services, liquor trading and the gaming industry.
Element Security can review, design and install intercoms and access control systems across a variety of sites, facilities and locations.

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